Sri Lanka – closer than anybody suppose

Sri Lanka – closer than anybody suppose

Sri Lanka is a small island close to Soth- East part of India, island full of colors, flavors and providing visitors close to nature. It seems that the island at the end of the wolrs but that end is only the begining of an adventure. To start it you need tourist visa calls ETA srilanka  – Electronic Travel Authorisation which allows you to stay there for 30days and is valid for 6 months.

Taste it!

The most popular flavor of Sri Lanka is that one of ceylon tea – gold drops in a cup drinking sip by sip – amazing and upcoming a view of hills fullfilled with tea trees and women with baskets full of tea leaves. But Sri Lanka is not only a tea. Local cuisine has much more to offer. As everybody can suppose, seafood is popular in local cusine and you can eat in a different way each day staying on the island. One of the most popular is sour fish curry calling fish ambul thiyal that has a sour flavor because of a small fruit – dried goraka. It’s delicious with rice. Chicken curry – famous in Europe – in Sri Lanka tastes different depending of the region. Also that dish is served with rice.

What women loves

Of course shopping! So don’t hesitate to go for a shopping and buy different tea, staying on the Southwest coast buy masks in Ambalangoda but be careful with buying antiques because it’s prohibted to export them legally if it’s made earlier than this century. There is a lot of sapphire, rubies and garnets mines but buying stones means taking a big risk because they can be fake, if so you will not get your money back.

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