Australia doesn’t mean Sydney

Australia doesn’t mean Sydney

Many people think that visiting Australia should be started from visiting Sydney. In fact, that city is not even a capital of Australia, but is so famous because of the great opera building in harbour. So Sydney can be just one of point to see on the list but there are many other interesting places to see intead of staying in a city.

Enjoy your meal

In general food in Australia is costly but you have to eat and going to Australia you have to try some typical food. The best way to do that is to choose ethnic restaurants, they are not so expensive and they have local specialities.

Travel around the island

If you don’t want to stay just in the hotel or even only in one city than you can choose by trains and buses to see more. For those who doesn’t like to spend too much money for tickets the best choice will be to travel on their own a driver for example renting a camper and visiting diffrent places going from coast to the other. Travelling like that you don’t need any special documents but before you’ll get to Australia you need touristic visa Australia means ETA – Electronic Travel Authority. Your australian visa is valid for 12 months but one journey can’t be longer than 3 months. For that time you can visit Australia many times but you can’t work, it’s a tourist visa.

Cheap trip

There is no need to spend a lot of money for visiting Australia. You can rent a car, cook on your own, buy wine in boxes – that’s very popular and not worst than wine in bottles. Find a group of friends and share costs and don’t forget about having a great time .


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