Sri Lanka – closer than anybody suppose

Sri Lanka – closer than anybody suppose Sri Lanka is a small island close to Soth- East part of India, island full of colors, flavors and providing visitors close to nature. It seems that the island at the end of the wolrs but that end is only the begining of an adventure. To start it you need tourist visa calls ETA srilanka  – Electronic Travel Authorisation which allows you to…

November 3, 2016

Australia doesn’t mean Sydney

Australia doesn’t mean Sydney Many people think that visiting Australia should be started from visiting Sydney. In fact, that city is not even a capital of Australia, but is so famous because of the great opera building in harbour. So Sydney can be just one of point to see on the list but there are many other interesting places to see intead of staying in a city. Enjoy your meal…

November 3, 2016

Learn more on Canada

August 2, 2016

Do you look for a place of your dreams for life, not for a month or two? Do you want to move to the other country? Go to Canada and learn more about this green and nice location for living. More and more people choose Canada and they are not disappointed with their choice which brought them a lot of success. They want to live in a nice place, with…


Green Canada

July 28, 2016

Canada is a sparsely populated country in the norther part of America, neighbouring to the USA. It is green, quiet and full of job possibilities. That is why people choose rather Canada than the USA to live in the country. It is a unique state for unique people. Not Sweden, not Germany but Canada is a promised land to the vast majority of Polish that would like to lead a…


Freedom in Canada

July 17, 2016

Canada is a symbol of freedom and ecology. A lot of people want to visit Canada even for a short, a two-week or three-week holiday. They aim at travelling and admiring beautiful places. That is why more and more companies organize travels to this special state located in the Northern America, close to the United States of America.


Candian dreams

July 6, 2016

Do not dream, just travel Dreams are nice things but reality is more and more attractive. Going to Canada is a nice idea. Everybody would like to visit Canada and spend some time there. Europe, Turkey or Egypt are not fashionable now. Canada is an interesting and important holiday destination. Moreover, we can go there to work and live. It is such a beautiful and friendly country! Beautiful lakes, many…


Canada awaits tourists

June 29, 2016

New inhabitants are welcome New inhabitants of Canada are more than welcome. The country needs hands to work hard for the good of the country. Canada offers good jobs, good salaries and nice accommodation. Living in this country is a nice time for all the people. Not only Europeans but also Chinese, Indians and Latino-Americans. All the people will find their place in this extremely tolerant country. We are sure…


Leave Europe, go to Canada

June 12, 2016

Canada for everybody Europe is a small continent with many countries of different sizes. Canada is one of two huge countries in North America. Canada is a country famous for ecology, green nature and beautiful areas. It is recommended to all the people that want to visit other continent. Especially interesting place is Niagara Falls, huge waterfalls, admired by people from all over the world. Tourists admire Toronto and Montreal,…