Green Canada

Canada is a sparsely populated country in the norther part of America, neighbouring to the USA. It is green, quiet and full of job possibilities. That is why people choose rather Canada than the USA to live in the country. It is a unique state for unique people. Not Sweden, not Germany but Canada is a promised land to the vast majority of Polish that would like to lead a richer and safer life. Taxes are not too high and people love to live in Canada.


More info on Canada

The country used to be a French colony. Nowadays it is one of the richest countries all over the world. Everybody knows about it. Canada shall be visited on daily basis by people from all over the world. Friendliness of people and regulations is more than proverbial. It is a federal parlament democracy and the state of rights the same for all the people living in it. Recommended by people that love living in this kind of the country. Canada can be recommended as one of the best places to live, stay and have a joy of life. It is other continent, not European but much more convenient for living and staying on daily basis. Its assets are friendliness, ecology, equal opportunities for all the people. All of them want to live there and become real Canadians. They can achieve it after several years of living in this special place. Recommended place for living, unique culture and history, green land, beauties of nature – these you can observe in Canada, a land of ideas, dreams and people that are open to ideas, knowledge and newcomers. Check the possibilities that Canada gives to you.


  • Delphine

    I looked for information on Canada and found it without any problems on the website. Follow me and learn more about Canada.

  • Patrick

    Canada seems to be a great country – thank you for information. I will visit it for sure together with my family and friends.

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